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If you use a single shot air gun, small caliber rimfire, or a studgun (tool used in construction) , you need this product -- the PELLET HOLDER.  The PELLET HOLDER is the only known air gun accessory that will hold pellets in the correct position near the chamber of your rifle or pistol -- for convenient, fast, quiet, one-hand loading. Keep your eye on the target! Load by feel! The PELLETHOLDER can be used with repeating guns to have more ammunition readily at hand.    

PELLET HOLDER makes and distributes ammunition holders, rifle stocks, and custom air rifles.  We are the ONLY manufacturer and distributor of the patented air gun accessory, the Pelletholder, for use with air guns, air rifles, and construction studguns. 

The PELLET HOLDER vastly improves the hunting experience, allowing you to focus on your  target, whether it be squirrel hunting, bird hunting, or any other type of hunting.  With the PELLET HOLDER,  you can focus on hunting, not on re-loading your ammunition.  It easily attaches to your rifle stock, or is comfortably worn on your arm.

Now YOU can own the PELLET HOLDER, simply by clicking here!

Photos and Description              Pricing and Order Form


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Photos and Description              Pricing and Order Form


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Pelletholder, U S Patent # 6,374,719

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